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number of software developers in the world

It is estimated that today there are over 27 million software developers around the world and that number is constantly growing. Maintaining the current rates we are going to have more than 45 million software developers by 2030. This means that almost 1% of all the world population will be writing software.


lines of code written every year

That extraordinary amount of developers produce over 100 billion lines of code every year. An average iOS mobile app takes around 50k lines of code to be developed and released. Imagine the possibilities if we would optimize the software creation process and boost developer performance with the right tools.

Discover how together with one of the hottest fintech company we’ve build an open sourced tool to help developers get better insights into test stability and deliver value to the end-user.

The Idea

Metrics goal is to improve currently defective software development cycle for the products at-scale. Through data driven insights it allows to accelerate developer velocity and increase overall system stability.


Our aim was to create an ecosystem that would provide simplicity and flexibility regardless of the users current setup and environment.

User Experience

We have interviewed developers and IT managers from few of the top sylicon valley giants on their needs and issues they have with current market solutions. Based on that insights we have built a tool that brings all the neccesary information at the first glance and maintain similar data structure throughout the entire system.

Dashboards Groups

Project view Users


Having in mind its open sourced nature and community impact we have established a comprehensive design system. This allows to quickly iterate on possible new fetures and brings visual clarity into acomplex data analysis tool.

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Light theme

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Helping the community

Metrics is part of Flank, an open sourced, massively parallel test runner that's 10x faster and half the cost of existing market solutions. We aim to keep the development going and shift the industry standards.

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